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Florida Scuba Divers John Clay Dickinson and Rachel Janea McGinnis Help Remove Invasive Lionfish from Florida Shores

A lionfish may sound like a whimsical and harmless, if fierce-looking, creature, perhaps something taken from a children’s book or drawn up by the cartoonists at Disney-Pixar. But the lionfish for Floridians is nothing so friendly. Local marine experts John Clay Dickinson and Rachel Janea McGinnis, owners of Florida Scuba Divers, discuss why this species is so problematic and why they’re partnering […]

John Clay Dickinson, Co-Owner of Florida Scuba Divers, Announces Shop’s One-Year Anniversary

Florida is one of the United States’ hottest destinations for good reason. Home to the Walt Disney World Resort, the nightlife capital of Miami, a population as diverse as its ecosystem, year-round sunshine, and miles upon miles of shimmering waters and pristine beaches, it’s no wonder the state attracted more than 111 million domestic travelers, […]

SCUBA Specialists, John Clay Dickinson and Rachel Janea McGinnis, Organize Beach Clean-Ups to Preserve the Oceans & Save Marine Species

From Miami to Fort Lauderdale and Venice Beach to Daytona, Florida is world-famous for its spacious sandy beaches and stunning coastline. The state, also home to Disney World and a host of other tourist hot spots, attracts about forty million visitors every year and is home to another 21.3 million. Rachel Janea McGinnis and John Clay Dickinson of Lake […]